Crafting Tables

workbench Minecraft “crafting tables” (referred to as work benches from hereon out) are extremely important and very different from regular old Minecraft mechanics. This block has 2 special functions: The workbench can be right-clicked to access the resource-based crafting guide; AND The workbench can be placed by a member in the wilderness to claim a chunk of land.

Members Only

Anyone can use a workbench for opening the crafting guide, but only members are allowed to place workbenches in the wild. Currently, members are only allowed to place a workbench in the wilderness.

Land claiming

Placing a workbench in the wilderness will claim a 20 x 20 x 20 region, with the workbench in the very center of the claim chunk. Once a table is placed, you cannot break or move it (currently).

Resource-based crafting

Only members are allowed to place work benches